From 1998 Marine House ‘Arcadia’ helps its Friends to carry out their dream. The dream about new horizons without limits, the dream about: azure water, warm wind breeze, sunny highlights on the wave, about moon path on your own island of dry land in any spot of the Earth. Even if this island could be only 6 m in length, but this island – is Your Island. This Island is Your Yacht. Firstly, in 1998 it was our Dream and then we started dreaming together with our Clients – our Friends.

During the last 19 years Marine House ‘Arcadia’ makes trends among yachting in Ukraine. To be a leader is not so simple, but our experience, passion for yachts and a sincere desire to fulfill the dreams of our Friends, give us a lot of advantages of being the best expert in yachts and boats area.

 Marine House ‘Arcadia’. We make your dreams come true since 1998.